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ASM Integrators is not a traditional Fire and Burglar Alarm company, but a full staff integrator. Since the first time we visit you and perform a Risk assessment of your business you will see the competitive advantages that pulls us apart from anything you?ve ever seen or heard of before. We accomplished this by implementing our systematic ASM?s 3 key metrics approach; Loss Prevention, Risk Management and Business operation management. By doing so not only we understand your security and budget needs, but your whole organization?s history, culture and future?s predictable changes. Based in the heart of NYC, and with other locations through out the borough of NY, ASM offers a 24/7 365 days service response, with Skilled Technicians. Times have changed, security needs are more complex than ever and ASM is up to today?s most sophisticated requirements. ASM deploys and services the complete equipment lines available in the market.

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