International Boxing Federation/united States Boxing Federation (Ibf/usba)

973.564.8046899 Mountain Ave., Suite 2C Springfield, Nj 07081Nueva JerseyUnited States
Open hoursConsult the telephone via e-mail.
President New Jersey: Daryl J. Peoples
Ratings Chairman New Jersey: Anibal Miramontes
Secretary Pennslyvania: Louis Priluker
Championships Chairman New Jersey: Lindsey E. Tucker
Treasurer Texas: David McCullough
Administrative Assistant: Arnold D. Peoples
Director of Public Relations: Jeanette Salazar
Washington, D.C.: Paul Artisst Artisst
Arizona: Aaron Kizer
Michigan: Hiawatha Knight
Virginia: Vaughan LaPrade
Australia: Ray Wheatley
Iowa: Al Meier

Nonprofit organization with voluntary corporation organized in order to get more oversight, encouraging and assisting the professional boxing, and suggesting rules promulgated for guidance, securities, penalties and fights to establish champions and prepares monthly rankings of the top contenders in 17 weight categories. Creating different regional titles with the intention of giving small developers and young boxers the opportunity to participate in regional and trans-regional competitions. During each year, the convention dedicated: professional seminars, a Judge and Referee. Fax: 973-564-8751

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